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Brest's Botanical garden

The valley of Stang Alar is a green corridor of 2 km close to the Place de Strasbourg, Oceanopolis and the marina from the Moulin Blanc, a magical place, unique. The favorite walks of Brest. A place where people come to stroll, play with your family, picnic, read in the shade of eucalyptus, bird watch, or just lay back and enjoy one of the most beautiful gardens in Brest watching the harbor.

Hard to believe that before becoming an outstanding listed garden and the first "Hospital of plants" the Stang Alar was a dump and before that a career ... It took the obstinacy of botanist Jean Yves Lesouef, aware that 20% 420 000 plant species found on the planet were endangered, and the support of the Association Bretagne Vivante (SEPNB) for the place to become what it is today, a renowned botanical conservatory.

This is an opportunity for a wander and escape to the humid forests of Madeira, Madagascar, Guyana or Mauritius island where just a small shrub with blue bells on Nesocodon mautitianus. A species critically endangered in the wild. Because of the Goyavrier that colonize the cliffs where it grows. Stories of beautiful and modest plant that Guides of Conservatory tell by visiting the tropical greenhouses.
It is there that crosses the Titan Arum gives one of the largest flower in the world, very rare hibiscus, carnivorous plants ... A magical place and a place of beautiful exhibits.

And always, in parallel, visits, independently or guided, tropical greenhouses housed in the conservatory.

Opening hours of the Garden of the National botanical conservatory of Brest: 9 am to 20 pm. Tropical greenhouses open from 14 h to 18 h. Entrance € 5.50, reduced € 4, free for children under 10 years.
Full program and information on www.cbnbrest.fr and +33 2 98 41 88 95

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