32, rue Algésiras - 29200 Brest

West of Brest

Plouzané, Guilers, Brest west… and even Saint-Renan.
With the circuit marked out the source of the Ildut, created by the Brest city teams, hikers leave for 25 km, between roads, small roads and landscape of farmland dotted with granite farms.

Manor Keroual, rebuilt in the late seventeenth century, emerges one kilometer away.

The trail also leads to the oldest rural district Guilers, where wet meadows reserve abundant flora and diversity of birds in the chapel of Bodonou, where resides the statue of the Virgin and Child dating from the first half of the sixteenth century…

Pushing further, hikers arrive in Saint-Renan, where old houses side with a colorful market, which takes place on Saturday morning.

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