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Walks in Brest

With its 800 hectares of green space spread over eight municipalities, including 435 hectares of the only city of Brest, the Brest city among the territories where large natural open its doors to anyone who will enjoy.

They are witnesses of history (Marine Academy gardens ...), real lookouts (garden Beautemps-Beaupré ...) for exceptional views of the harbor, or they contain plant collections (garden Kerbonne) the Brest gardens are of obvious interest.

Less central but within ten minutes from the heart of town, very large agglomerations parks (wood Keroual ...) alone account for 174 hectares.

Unable finally to overlook wetlands or woodlands, real green lungs of the city, scattered throughout the territory, some of which offer sports courses for fans of outdoor activities (Arc park ' Hantel, valley Costour ...).

Detour on the garden side of the Explorers in the Recouvrance district, Brest, and the Cam Valley, Guipavas.

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