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Brest classified Station tourism

The city of Brest has obtained institutional recognition as tourist resort classified by decree of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital.
Among the many distinctions that exist in tourism, the "Station classified of tourism" label is the supreme reward of quality offered to tourists and is awarded to towns or the most attractive cities.
The City of Brest had entrusted the implementation of the file folder at the Tourist Office in 2012, with the support of community services, was able to meet 45 mandatory criteria. The file was then educated for a year by the prefecture services and the ministry.
45 criteria in seven subjects are required to obtain the label tourist resort: This valuable reward for a period of twelve years is a continuation of obtaining certification in 2011 "Tourist City" in December 2013 label "Quality Tourism" award in the Tourist Office and in January 2014 ranking it in category 1, the most prestigious.
It is above all the fruit of the tourism policy of the City and Brest Métropole for many years. But also actions on themes as varied as cultural and sports activities, the quality of the living environment, heritage enhancement, information and tourist accommodation ... and on issues such as safety, hygiene , care of the structure or access to the town, pedestrian traffic and urban planning.
Finally, it reflects the daily investment of all tourism in the territory. This ranking also highlights the professionalism of reception, promotion and tourism development, strong commitment of the territory in terms of development.

Source: brest.fr

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