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Penfeld river & park in Brest

Coming here, you put in the steps that others before you have established.
Did you know? The banks have seen the dream of young Francis René de Chateaubriand, "then seeing nothing more than a boggy valley, but still heard the confused murmur of the sea and the voices of men, I lay beside the small river sometimes her eyes following the flight of the Navy crow ... I fell into the deepest reverie ... ".

These spaces, and that lake of 15 hectares where mules spin today, and where seabirds like to mingle their reflections, are a mirror of our memory. You do with them on a journey that revives the glow of the history of Brest and its harbor. The sea is not far away. It begins where the river meanders concludes.

This is the belly of the Penfeld that patches of oak dripping we went out, those cut from trees from the dense forests of Britain or Baltic, which would release their sap for several years in brackish water ... A necessary purgatory before being reborn vessels equipped to distant seas ...

This territory Penfeld is part of what Mac Orlan called "the moving and mysterious scenery of the bay of Brest." And it is in him that the writer François Menez saw "a color, an atmosphere of old prints" ...

Breathe! This water ... with other rivers, dug the harbor of Brest. "Little Penfeld, deep, steep-sided, and so close to the open sea," describes Auguste Dupouy ... The banks offer a sweet intimacy and a mixed picture. In the north, it's more fitted in the south, where one simply follows the shapes and paths dictated by a wilderness. They are convenient for walks and sports activities: trails that surround lend themselves to jogging, and the whole is an adventure playground.
Here and there, benches and lawns invite you to relax. These historical places have found another use of old: to be a site of relaxation just steps from the city, whose business still manages discrete echo. Before the war, Brest came here as a family to take the air and cool the taverns located at the edge of the water!

There are the banks of the Penfeld and footpaths. There are the banks of the Penfeld and military port. But there are also the banks of the Penfeld further upstream.

There, these lesser known places, it's a whole heritage that awaits us. Natural heritage of a living river where fish spawn and dragonflies metamorphose. Cultural and economic heritage where water has been tamed to give us strength. Heritage of all Brestois also with drinking water that is produced.

During a trip, discover the Penfeld and heritage.

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