32, rue Algésiras - 29200 Brest

A Fully air conditioned hotel in Brest

A Fully air conditioned hotel
A hotel reputation depends on how guests are welcomed and feeled comfortable durin their stay.

La Paix Hotel Contemporain trust in Daikin for create this ideal atmosphere. Solutions that Daikin offers are profitable and enable to control completely the heating, the hotel air conditioning, ventilation and hot water, with quiet and without draught internal units. It is the pledge of a good sleep.

Absolute control
Daikin offers customised hotel solutions which provide an ideal comfort for the customers. In this way, they could choose the temperature and enjoy the heating, the cooling and the air conditioning in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. 

Smart management energy
Hotels owners have to control the energy consumption completely. The smart Daikin inspector can modify the system tuning when the rooms are not used or windows opened. It is possible to control using costs and reduce environment CO2 emission.


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